Additional services

Your comfort is our priority! That is why at Bemol gas stations there are many additional services designed to make refueling a car easier and more pleasant. Drinking coffee, having a snack, checking social networks, buying the necessary goods for a car and paying for services non-cash - all this can be done while your car is filled with high-quality fuel.


In Bemol gas station stores you will find everything you may need on the road and it doesn’t matter if the gas station is located in the city center or away from settlements.


Natural coffee and always fresh pastries provided by the Naringi coffee chain will appeal even to the most pretentious gourmands.


At any of the Bemol gas stations you have the opportunity to drink a cup of hot, delicious coffee and continue on the road with renewed vigor.

Payment terminals and ATM

At Bemol gas stations, you can withdraw cash or, for example, replenish the balance of your mobile phone at any convenient time.

Cashless payments

For your convenience, a simple and safe, bank transfer is available at all Bemol gas stations.


Bemol is a member of the E100 program, a professional service for cashless transactions for transport and logistics companies.


Convenient and spacious parking area is available for all customers who decide to stay longer with us.


Today it’s hard to imagine our life without the Internet, so free Wi-Fi is available at all Bemol gas stations.


All Bemol gas stations are well-equipped, clean restrooms, which you can use for free.

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