The BEMOL gas station network has launched sales of the new evolutionary fuel EVOX

07 october, 2019

In July this year, sales of evolutionary fuel EVOX had started in Moldova.

New opportunities for your car become available thanks to innovative technologies and human ingenuity.

The BEMOL petrol station network has started selling EVOX, a new evolutionary fuel for Moldova.

A clean engine is the basis for maintaining the optimum performance of your vehicle. The EVOX fuel contains, unparalleled, a multifunctional innovative additive that ensures the purity of the entire fuel system of your car.

How does EVOX fuel work?

EVOX means power

EVOX fuel burns 100%, thanks to this the engine acquires additional power.

EVOX means the care of your car

EVOX will clean your engine and nozzles of old deposits and keep them always clean.

EVOX means fuel economy

With continuous use of EVOX, the mileage of your car will increase, and fuel consumption when driving, both in the city and over long distances, will be reduced to 6%.

EVOX means comfort

EVOX will provide your car with a quick start and a smooth ride on the road.

EVOX means the technology of the future today

When you are using EVOX, exhaust emissions are reduced to a minimum. You contribute to the environment.

There are available the next types of fuel - EVOX-95 Gasoline and EVOX-Diesel.

EVOX fuel complies with SM EN 228 + A1: 2017 and SM EN 590 + A1: 2017

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